REST API query for data history

Hi, I’m trying to find the REST API query for data history. I have been using this one, which I got from th post below, but I think there must be another query to get the pure data.

String urlString = “” + deviceID +
“/sensors/” + sensorID + “/summaries?type=custom&startDate=” + String.valueOf(startdate) + “&endDate=” + String.valueOf(enddate);

I have a digital sensor which is always 0 or 1, as shown in the Dashboard data series here:

… and I get the same 0 and 1 series when I click download on that screen, but when I use graph feature, and the data history query above, I get this highly modified data set, with some smoothing / merging of the 0 and 1’s

which is the same data I get with the query

So I’d like to get the query that delivered the 0 and 1 series, that the data history on the dashboard delivers, rather than the one that the graph is based on. I see the word “summaries” in the query, is there another word for the pure data??

Hi @jameszahary,

This is something that we are going to look in to. We should not be rounding the values that are coming in for sensors that send either a 0 or 1. @asanchezdelc any ideas ?


We are summarizing all data regardless of device type. We are going to modify this so that this summarization does not occurred on digital sensors and have the ability to download plain raw data.


I’m trying to get all the history of a channel.
How can I do this with the REST API?