Unable to download custom time interval

First, I want to thank Cayenne for this awesome product, and the community for the invaluable information.

I’m able to export data from Cayenne (in CSV format) only for predefined intervals: day, week, month. But when the data is just over a month (1month 2 weeks), I’m not able to export it:

  • 3 months view would return “data not available”
  • custom interval would export one row for “today”

Please help/advise.

Hi @amitrica,

Thanks for your interest in Cayenne and the nice words.

We’re working on improving the capability of the “Download Chart Data” feature you see on the history charts for your widgets. Until then, have you tried the instructions for exporting Cayenne data found in these posts (which one to use depends on your device connectivity):

I know they are a bit of a pain compared to just clicking “download chart data”, but the steps inside should work and offer you more customizability when requesting your data. If you’d like, I’d be happy to extract data for you using these steps, if you PM me with your account credentials, and what widgets/time frame you’re looking for data from.


I tried several times, but with empty response, return code 200 so no error.
I used the code for Raspberry Pi.

The only difference I find between my URLs and those from the posts is that in your post the URL used to extract the machine and the sensor ids is:

I identified imediately the required IDs and used them in the Postman GET query: no result (for a period where I have data), status 200 (no error)

Please help


Finally worked, by extracting the widget history data like for MQTT devices, even if I’m using a Raspberry PI connected as a PI (not ‘Bring Your Own Thing’) .

Thank you again for this awesome product, and I’m looking forward for updates.

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