Restart Your Pi After Initial Installation

Your Pi needs to be restarted after the initial installation of the myDevices Cayenne agent. Else, there are issues with getting the sensor data into the dashboard.

We are working on creating a better experience for this. I.E. automatically restarting your Pi for you. Will update here when completed.

My Pi’s do not reconnect to the dash board after clicking reboot. Tried with my zero and then my B+ Do I need to generate a new install after restarting?

Did you refresh the page?

You shouldn’t need to generate a new install after restarting. Have some time to do a Skype call to go over the issue?


I tried refreshing too. I’m using the latest raspian 11-12-15 I’ll be back in my lab later 5 pm pacific.

Your ‘lab’ sounds pretty cool!

We haven’t been able to test if myDevices Cayenne works with the Pi Zero yet.


I got it working. When working with a fresh rasbian install don’t forget key steps update and upgrade.