RPi Talking with Cayenne

How often does my Rpi communicate with Cayenne, and how much data gets transferred?


The frequency depends on the sensor / data that is being sent to Cayenne. I would say anywhere from 3 - 10 seconds.

Hmmm,what do you mean how much data? All the data that we get from the Raspberry Pi is displayed on the dashboard for you to see…things like CPU, RAM, Storage, and any sensor information that you are sending.


Thanks for that. When I asked about the data, I’m asking how many bites of data per sensor. I’m going to end up with 4 temperature probes and I want to know how much data will be transmitted.
Is there a way to set how often sensors get updated?

I don’t know how many bytes of data, maybe you can test out and let us know depending on the sensors you are using. What device will be reading the data from the probes? Pi? Arduino? If you use Cayenne’s mqtt libraries then you should be able to set how often sensors are sending updates.


I’m using a RPi 3 sensing 4 DS18B20 temperature probes. I’ll figure out what the data usage is and report back.

Thanks for the help.

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I’m curious as well. I started to dive in to it but was having a problem finding software that would track data usage (granted didn’t look very hard) Definitely interested in hearing what you discovered!

I haven’t discovered anything yet. I was away over the holidays with no access to the internet do didn’t get anything done.

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