Send text message to dashboard

I was wondering if the Text widget ever made release stage?

Hi @techcentre,

Not yet, but it IS coming!


So longer than a year now?? :stuck_out_tongue: I really need this for my project and the API :slight_smile:

any ideas on when its going to be released?

It’s still in the roadmap as the second batch of widgets. We are about to release 4 new widgets, so text widget will be handled next :slight_smile: As for the timeline, that is always the golden question. Within a month hopefully!


So no Text Widget yet? Will it be implemented at all?

Hi @Triumfas the Test widget is on the roadmap and will be implemented once we have other issue solved with cayenne.

when will a text idget be available?

not so soon.

So, another bump. I can’t find a widget that will do text displays on the dashboard and no work-arounds on the forum.

Are we still waiting for this ?

this feature will not be added.