Sending text to Cayenne Dashboard


Discussion here somewhere about sending text to dashbaord. How about this:

cayenneClient.rawWrite(101, 1, “type”, “Cheese Sandwich”);
cayenneClient.rawWrite(101, 2, “type”, “Calabasas”);
cayenneClient.rawWrite(101, 3, “type”, “Kim Kardashian”);
cayenneClient.rawWrite(101, 4, “type”, “I_have_just_picked_up_a_fault_in_the_AE-35_unit.”);
cayenneClient.rawWrite(101, 5, “type”, “If you aint’t winning, your losing.”);

Some issues with dashboard display :grinning:


Haha, well that’s one way to do it I suppose. The only thing I can see (haven’t tested this) is that you may have to either keep a permanent temporary (huh?) status on that widget, or constantly delete it as I don’t think the unit will change after you add it as a widget. This will obviously never keep any history for your data, but you can send it to another channel to save the actual values should you need them. I’d be interested in hearing your results.


It seems to keep history fine, but the Cayenne Dashboard display is not ideal for display. I have seen the “unit” change when I rewrite a mqtt program, and switch something from hours to days, but it is not entirely predictable. In that example, Calabasas was the 2nd unit I sent, 3rd received, and it seemed to stick.

It is query-able by Channel and Value, but not by Unit. I can understand Unit would not be indexed, but I thought it might still do a search. I’m suspicious that the query actually worked, but did not display correctly. Do you know if query-ing the delorean database with the Cayenne API is kosher? It seems to be limited to 50 in the “Data-tab”, so don’t want to overload it.


Thanks for posting back, I’m sure it will help others.

@eptak should be able to get that answer for you, I’m not sure.


Hi Everyone,
Delorean limits to 50 records per page for display to avoid heavy load.