Send text message to dashboard

Hi Folks,
Is it possible to send a text message (from a device) to the Cayenne dashboard?


To be clear, I meant an ASCII text string

Hey @p_heelan, Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

This is coming soon, as we’re going to be expanding our custom widget library by quite a bit, and a couple of the new widgets involve displaying text on the Cayenne Dashboard.

See here in our documentation for the full list of current and upcoming widgets, and descriptions of each.


Hi Rsiegel,
Thanks for letting me know…


What is the current status of making this available to the public(Text Widgets)? How much more time?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have an exact date but the text widget is complete on our development servers – it’s just a matter of pushing it to production when we have some back end changes to support it in place. I expect we’re talking about weeks rather than months here, maybe sooner. I’ll update when I get more specific detail.

I see there was an update but the text widget is still not available…
Also, the Android App is all messed up. At first after the latest update, when loading the app, it will give an error, then after a few more tries, it loads the dashboard, but when I click on the name of the NodeMCU, all widgets are gone. and if I try a few more tries, they come back but some are messed up and not working at all.

Can you take a look on this?

Thank you!!

The text widget wasn’t part of this particular push. This was 98% back end changes, removing a legacy system which predated Cayenne that was holding us back from growing the product. When we have an update with more user-facing functionality we’ll be sure to announce it with a list of release notes so you can see what’s new and fixed.

As far as the Android app, what sort of error message do you see when loading it? Could you grab a screenshot?

Is the screen I get, but if I try several times it will load but the widgets are all messed up OR missing all of them.

Also, I will get a SERVER ERROR when switching from DEVICES to PROJECTS in hte main menu once I get lucky and can run the App.

Here is another screen shot of my missing device:

Ok. Seems that once I logout and login the situation has resolved. BUT, seems that the conditional triggers are no longer working.

Thanks for the detail on this, and glad to hear it was resolved with logging back in. Can you try deleting and re-creating one of the triggers and see if that makes it start working again? My apologies if the recent update broke the existing ones.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still getting server error and Error loading data pretty much all the time. And sometimes the devices dashboard keeps on refreshing for a while and then fails to load. Not being able to use the app at all.

Seems to be working again. I switched off the device (NodeMCU) and did a restart in the browser and seems to be working again. Will post if anything changes…

Well, the android App is back again failing to display any widgets, all gone. Please fix it or revert to previous working version.


This sounds like it’s still related to our recent couple of downtimes (one planned, one unexpected) in the last 2 days. If the widgets are still there when you log in on the web, then its just a matter of getting the app to read them back in.

You shouldn’t have to do this, but try force stopping the app from your Android’s Application Manager, then tapping ‘Clear Data’. You’ll need to re-enter your login details, but that sure ensure that its pulling the very latest from our server.


Your issue sounds different than whats been discussed here. I suspect it might be something on your dashboard which the Android app isn’t handling well. Do you mind sharing your account login/password via private message with me, so I can reproduce on our test Android devices and look for a bug with our engineers?

Hi there,
Just wanted to touch base on the timeline for the text widget… It’s been
several weeks now, hopefully sooner?

Thanks for your time

The latest information I have has the new widgets grouped into 2 categories, the ones we’re expecting sooner are:

  • Meter
  • Open / Close
  • Motion
  • CO2 Detector
  • 2 State with emoji/text
  • Status with emoji/text
  • Tank level
  • Smoke
  • Proximity
  • Video
  • Battery
  • Signal Strength

I’d expect those in Q1 2017, and another batch, which will likely contain the ‘Text’ widget, in Q2 2017.

I should add for completeness that while I didn’t know it at the time of the post I’m replying to, we’ve since found that “Server Error” / “Error Loading” and blank Arduino dashboards in the Android app are all symptoms of the same issue. So I don’t think that @soubir’s issue is different anymore.

Testing on the Android app to fix this is going well and we’re planning an Android release for Monday to resolve this issue.

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