Which cayenne code? The

Can you tell which folder? From Cayenne-mqtt-Python.
I have 3 folders the cayenne, examples and test on which folder do i specifically need to code

inside example there will be file named

It shows timestamp only
If (time.time() > timestamp + 10):
client.celsiusWrite(1, i)
client.luxWrite(2, i*10)
client.hectoPascalWrite(3, i+800)
timestamp = time.time()
i = i+1

Should i erase this

And what should i code

Do you see this lines? change it to the above.

Yes i see that code and after that code is the
client = cayenne.client…

After this is the
timestamp = 0

From this codes what should i do

let it be for now.

I already did what you had told me

so now add a slider with channel 4 to your dashboard with min position 0 and max position 1.

What code location, data and unit should i put?

Did you run the code with the MQTT credential added?

Yes ok i understand

I already add the slider. Whats the next step

what more do you want to do? thats all, if you have done everything fine then you should be able to turn the servo.

I need to control 2 servo thru cayenne with a button widget
Can you help me

you just duplicate the code for another servo and replace the slider with button on the cayenne dashboard.

It doesnt work at all. T_T
Can you show me the complete step by step procedure starting from setting up my cayenne im sorry. Its just badly needed and im a begginer

I follow every steps that you had given but when i try to add the cayenne agent it failed, and it shows prompt issues about the/var/run/myDevices

Can you help me please. I havea project that needs to be control via cayenne using a raspberry pi.
In the cayenne dashboard it needs 2 buttons that can control the 2 servo, 1 button that controls the on/off of the light, and a sensor that uses camera whenever there is an motion that is detected. Im just a beginner with everything. Please can you help me with a step by step procedure thank you

At what stage are you stuck? have you added the button to your cayenne dashboard at least?