When I go to add actuator and choose Generic and the PWM output then when i head to select the connectivity option then a red ban icon appears on the place where i had to make a selection.
Why so ?
Please help me.

to add the PCA9685 for raspberry pi agent you will need to add this plugin GitHub - myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-pca9685: A PCA9685 plugin for Cayenne

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I am a beginner can you please help me where to add this plugin?

Installation process is given in the link I shared.

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I go to terminal of raspberry pi and run the commands but it is not workingpai%20terminal

you should be able to see some green widget on your cayenne dashboard when you restart the service. Add them by clicking on the + .

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it is same as it was

i mean on the device overview dashboard where all the widgets are present. You will need to restart it again while keeping the device dashboard open.

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If i gave you access of my desktop with team viewer can you do it ?

Have you connected your pca to your raspberry pi?


on your pi terminal, restart the service again and share the log.

cd /etc/myDevices/plugins
tail -f /var/log/myDevices/cayenne.log

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ok let me try

what to do know it is showing some thing like this

that shows pca9685 is loaded properly and is creating green widget on your device dashboard.

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yes it is working thank you very very much

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currently it will create 16 widgets. you can disable them in cayenne_pca9685.plugin

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Looking to drive a servo motor (0 to 180 degrees) using a slider control. Can anyone share a tutorial on how to do this so that I can do it easy?

there are two ways to do this:

  1. Add a pca9685 plugin to your cayenne pi agent and then modify the plugin code to work with servo motor.
  2. Use adafruit servo example code Adafruit_Python_PCA9685/simpletest.py at master · adafruit/Adafruit_Python_PCA9685 · GitHub and add the cayenne python example code Cayenne-MQTT-Python/examples at master · myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python · GitHub. this is much easier as just combine the two examples.
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