Simple HTTP GETand POST to custom device data dashboard


I have a project, where I use STM32F4 uc with the STM wifi module. This module only communicates with HTTP GET and POST methods.
I was wondering, if I could reach/add new entry to my newly created data dashboard with calls like:

POST - Cayenneclinet-ID/password/tempAct,c=21.3

Basically, if I could create string, which then I could also test on this site:

Thank you!

you can do it, but right now there is an issue with Rest API. We have an fix ready and will be released by end of this week.

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Can you link a documentation, so I can read what is the proper way, in the meanwhile?

the docs will also be updated for the new fix.
But just get you familiar here are the old docs Cayenne Features - Developer |