Smart fingers

About This Project

What if you constantly forget to shut the water pump, or want to switch on an AC in your house 15mins before you get there ? or want to feed your dog in the evening as you want to party till late night.??
All answers in one product…
Smart Fingers…a simple physical output to an electronic device that can do many things. The smart finger is controlled by a switch button on the cayenne app (“best IOT app”).

Things we did with the Smart fingers
1.Switch off any plug so anything electrical/electronic device becomes “on/off smart” (Shown in the video)
2.Feed your dog in the evening as you want to party till late night (Shown in the video)
3.Unlock a door and then lock it remotely (final video with these following extra items not done as yet)
4.Water the plants by remotely (or scheduled) constricting or releasing the water flow
5.Scare burglars by remotely setting off a chain reaction in your house when your’e away and youre notified by a burglar alarm
6.Remote “jack in the box”
7.Alarm clock assist with water release/tip over
8.etc…im sure many more can be thought off, and yet keep to the non violent side of things…:slight_smile:

What’s Connected

Wemos D1 R2
Servo motor
7805 voltage regulator circuit

Triggers & Alerts

Two triggers are used. one for switch on and other for switch off.
in switch on trigger: when we press the switch button the servo slider rotates by 6 degree
in switch off trigger:when the switch is pressed the servo rotates to 0 degree.


yes .
By using the scheduling feature the smart fingers can be turned on a particular time on every day.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

smart finger application


Great video and project, thank you for sharing and choosing our platform to do its connectivity! Are you planning to Kickstart this / otherwise bring it to market? I can envision a whole slew of attachments for dealing with the particulars of interacting with real world physical objects.

hi, great that you liked it. we would have loved to put it on kickstarter but from India its not possible. if someone would like to collaborate with us then we would love it. we innovate on all kinds of products, electronic, mechanical and other stuff as well and use our youtube channel dartofscience (d’art of science) to share interesting ideas.
we have many more uses for smart fingers through simple accessories. if you know anyone who might want to collaborate, pl do contact me here or mail deepak on

That’s too bad, I didn’t realize Kickstarter (and after looking for a crowdsourcing alternative for you, Indiegogo) are both country-restricted.

If I hear of any potential collaborator leads I’ll point them in your direction. Best of luck with it!

also my mail id seems to have a problem… if required pl mail on