CAYENNE Smart Home

About This Project

IOT based smart home automation using cayenne which includes a smart lock , light control and a cayenne take anywhere IOT music player.

What’s Connected

Wemos D1
Wemos D1 mini
Servo motor
DFplayer mini

Triggers & Alerts

One trigger is used.
when the secret code is pressed correctly it triggers the servo motor on wemos to open the lock.


The outdoor lights are scheduled to turn on at 7pm everday.

Smart lock

this dashboard will be places outside the door.
when a person wants to enter the house, he has to enter the secret code.
it consists of 6 sliders with virtual pins.
when the correct number is entered on each slider it check the array if its matching.
if at the end the array length is reached then the two state widget is set as 1 thus triggering the servo motor to rotate and open the door.
if incorrect code is pressed the array length is reset to zero.
this lock can be opened from a dashboard which will be present inside the house.
smart_home_insisss.ino.txt (3.3 KB)

Three digital output are used.
the lock is on virtual pin V3. when the secret code is pressed correctly it triggers this lock and servo is rotated.
Light and outdoor light digital output widget is used to turn on the relay and inturn turn on the ligths.
home_automation_inside.ino.txt (1.2 KB)

CAYENNE take anywhere music player.

a Dfplayer mini is connected to wemos d1 mini. Four digital output widgets are used for previous play, stop and next. To control the volume a slider widget is used.
all the songs must be added on SD card with names starting from 0001.mp3, 0002.mp3 and so on.
iot_music_player_2.ino.txt (1.6 KB)


Cool project! Have you submitted it to the contest? The World's First International ESP8266 IoT Contest! - #4 by bestes

@adam done.

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Very cool.