Smartphones possible conflict of two or more units


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I am using Arduino Uno with W5100 Ethernet shield with Web and Android dashboard.

I have had lots of issues with loss of communication, since the system has gone over to MQTT, some of them seem to be partially solved, but I still experience some problems. Mostly I get a problem of system non responding to the smartphone dashboard and not allowing to set any remote on/off command or read update readings from Androind and, recently, having tried all possible situations, I came to the conclusion that if I connect with two or more smartphones simultaneously, at least one of them, or both, do not connect any longer.
Is this a know issue?
is there a limit on how many phones are connected simultaneously to a system?
I must add to this, that if I connect via web, with a PC, I do not get the same problem.
Regards, Giorgio


this issue is seen when you keep your app in background for some time (we are looking into this issue). when this occur try closing the app from the background and restarting it.


Hello, thank you for your quick response. I tried to do as you have indicated, in fact I had already tried in the past, but with no joy.
The only way to obtain some solution, is to log out completely and then log in again. But it does not work every time.
I have just re-tested right now, and I could operate with no problem with the Web application on a PC, but if I activated an action from the Smartphone app, it worked once only and then it hung up.
After logging out from the Smartphone app, and log in again, it now seems to operate, but do not know 'till when, so it makes it not so reliable.
Hope this is of some help.
Regards, Giorgio


can you PM me your email_id.


Hello, sorry, do not quite get it. What do you intend with email_id ?


the email_id you have used to login into the cayenne app. Also can you change your password here and PM me both. i want to test your account what exactly is the issue on my smartphone.


can I use a non public chat or mail for this ?