\src/CayenneMQTTESP8266Shield.h error


Hi I’m using an ESP8266 USB-TTL CH340 Wifi-nodem I’m trying to get it connected to the website but an error keeps appearing, I took the sketch directly from the website, I checked that the file is there and changed my UAC and run in administrator mode, but it still doesn’t work.
I even used Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino-master & Cayenne-MQTT-ESP-master libraries

The sketch is from Arduino Uno -> ESP8266 Wifi
The board has been changed to both Generic ESP8266 Module & NodeMCU 1.0

Please help!!


can you share the link to this device. are you using it as a shield with arduino? or a standalone? as the code you are using is for esp8266 as shield and not as standalone.

you are getting this error because you need to Install the ESP8266SerialLibrary.zip library via the Arduino IDE (Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP Library) from the Cayenne extras/libraries folder (e.g. My Documents\Arduino\libraries\CayenneMQTT\extras\libraries) to compile this example.


It’s a standalone for now, I’m just testing it, what differences do I need to make to change it to make it function for standalone?

I already installed it beforehand.


you need to use this code https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino/blob/master/examples/Connections/ESP8266/ESP8266.ino