State of button not keep (MQTT)



I’m trying to use Cayenne with MQTT, it’s working fine for displaying data, but not for button 'it’s ok also for slider and 2 states display)

if i send a 1 to the channel of my button with “light icon” the icon become yellow, but if i refresh the display the button back to grey …

from the other way it’s the same, if i click on the button, i receive 8pwIxvIJq4yFvsI,1 and the widget is waiting
so i publish 1 to my button and then the button go back to grey, before i publish ok,8pwIxvIJq4yFvsI

could you explain to me where i’m wrong


Welcome to Cayenne!

Did you send the actuator updated command? Scroll down a bit to the Send Actuator Updated Value section.


Hi Adam, thanks for your answer, but yes i have followed this section, but the state ON is no keep …

By the way, i have also try the Android App, and the App said: “No device” ???


MQTT does not currently show up in the mobile app, which is why you got that error. Can you post your code so we can look it over?