Stuck on "Waiting for board to connect..." please help


I’m working through a tutorial using with all the materials listed and I am not able to move past the connection phase. My program compiles and the loading icon just sits there. I have read through other discussions on the page, and I realize the tutorial I’m using is a little outdated, but everything seems to be working just fine.

I have tried the same code on both a Windows Desktop and a MacBook Sierra. I get the same loading issue. The correct files are installed, I have the correct port, the correct board is selected, and I don’t know what else to try after already going through the forums here. I’ve refreshed the page and waited several minutes for each try. I just don’t know what’s wrong.


Hi there.

What do you show in the serial monitor? Does it show it is connected to Cayenne? In addition, can you post the code you are using?