Support for C.H.I.P. (nine dollar computer)

Is there a chance to have support for C.H.I.P. (the nine dollar computer)?

Thank you in advance!


Once Cayenne MQTT support is released, pretty much any device can be supported if the OS has an MQTT library.

Select Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards are supported because the Cayenne packages have built in I/O and peripheral drivers. This is a great start for gaining critical mass for Cayenne, but will soon become a support nightmare if MyDevices needed to support hundreds of platforms and peripherals.

As more and more devices come out, it becomes reasonable to instead make the simplest most widely supported interfaces available to Cayenne and allow the hardware and sensor vendors support their own products.

I for one am excited about this, as there are very good drivers and software libraries available in Python, Perl, and C, as well as example code for sensors. All that is needed is a way to get and give data between my device and the Cayenne dashboard.

Continuing to wait with bated breath.