Support for SAMD boards

Currently boards like the Sparkfun SAMD21 Dev board and SparkFun SAMD21 Mini breakout are not supported. Meaning after the first time the board come online, you can’t add or change any I/O pins for the widgets or add new widgets. The I/O section is grayed out. Being about to use these boards would be great. The connectivity is thru a ESP8266 shield using the normal Cayenne client.

You’re using the Arduino connectivity method for these correct (rather than MQTT)? I suppose even if we want to use the Arduino MQTT Library, we’ll still need connectivity sketches to allow these boards to connect.

Correct. MQTT isn’t supported yet on the ESP Shield or I deff would be using that. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll add it to the roadmap for future consideration.

I found a work around so the SAMD boards can be used… Its in the initial cayenne header that connects that tells what CPU it is. If it reports a SAMD variant you can’t add or change any widget pins. So I set a define in the beginning of the sketch to fool it into thinking its a Arduino Due (SAM chip). Just put this code in the beginning of your sketch and you can use the board like normal on the dashboard.

#if defined( ARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD )
   #define BLYNK_INFO_DEVICE "Arduino"
   #define BLYNK_INFO_CPU    "AT91SAM3X8E"