Support for ultrasonic Modul HC-SR04

Hi all,

i would like to monitor a diesel fuel-tank for my poolheater which is controlled with Cayenne with a standard HC-SR04 Ultrasonic module ( or ).

It is cheap, universal and with a simple handling.
Maybe this one could get here in Chayenne!?

There are mouch sample codes on the net.



Hi Benjamin,

We’re creating a process that will allow you to use your own code to integrate sensors that are on our current list of supported sensors. In this way, we are 'teaching a man to fish", as the saying goes :slight_smile:


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Agreed, I would like to use this sensor to monitor water levels in a water feature to automatically kick a valve on to fill the pond. Will we see the HC-SR04 added to the list of devices anytime soon? Seems like a popular sensor out in the jungle.

@benjaminkessler @josh1 Do you guys have an Arduino? Wanted to let you know you should be able to get the HC-SR04 going in Cayenne right now using Arduino. You can check out our docs page here. Let us know if you get if working!


Benjamin, Were you able to hook up a HC SR04 ? Im thinking of using one with cayenne. Thanks

No, currently this sensor is not direct supportet on a raspberry with cayenne.
Maybe it would be possible via Arduino integration but i have no clue about that.

I have one working on another Raspberry without cayenne. It is simple and easy to implement.



Try to use Arduino uno and ethernet shield.

Only problem with HC-SR04 - it “freezes” sometimes (actually it fails to catch the pulse it has sent) and you need to powercycle it from time to time - so adding some sort of relay to your project is a must

I can’t say I’ve ever had this issue, are you getting any errors in your code?

No, there are no errors. The issue happens if (for whatever reason) the emitted pulse doesn’t get back - 2 ways to fix it, actually - you can “clap your hands” - that is generate “something like the pulse” or power cycle the sensor.
How does it look like when HC-SR04 is stuck? Simply you stop hearing pulses (while it is “ultrasonic” you can still hear clicking sound).

That sounds easy enough to fix with software. Can you post your code?


I’m trying a few days on an ESP8266 with a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic module, it works perfectly, one gauge is showing the calibration in millimeters and another in inches.

Greetings from Brazil to everyone!

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