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Hello Cayenne community, I would like to make a suggestion! Currently, Cayenne only supports Raspbian for operating systems on the Pi. My suggestion is that Cayenne could also support other operating systems like Ubuntu MATE, which is what I use, for example. I hope you guys will take my idea in consideration, and thanks!

@TheGamingStar, have you tried running the installer on MATE?

It may just work. I know the development teams are working hard the higher priority stuff, but for instance Jessie Lite is now supported through assistance from @jaredk on this forum.

If you get it working, you just might become internet famous like Jared :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks for the quick reply!

I did not know that there is an installer for it, could you link me to it? Thanks!

You can just go through the normal install process. The installer is simply a .sh file so it will run on any linux OS.

Welcome to the community, @TheGamingStar

We’ve actually had a handful of people looking for Ubuntu MATE support, but haven’t had a chance to try this internally yet. Definitely let us know how your attempt goes, good or bad – consider me a resource to help you through it, and with the Cayenne platform in general.

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It will run but the gotcha is hardware support. There is a driver within Cayenne that known how to deal with the RasPi I/O. Once file I/O support is released, it should be a lot easier to make it generic as it will rely on user drivers.

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