Is that possible to use Cayenne on other OS instead Raspbian?


I use Ubuntu Server on my Rpi 2.
Instead install Raspbian, I ask if it works on another instead Raspbian.



Welcome to Cayenne!

Sorry right now only Raspian Jessie is supported. You can try it on Ubuntu though. I would be interested to hear the results.


Thank you for your support, @ats1080s :slight_smile:
Actually fired me an error during download
Cannot install for Python 3.4.3 : missing development headers

Don’t know if is OS fault or something else.


You can try sudo install python3-dev


I did that and works like a charm. It really done 4 steps, but it’s on “Almost Done! Rebooting Pi” approx. 10mins. Is that normal?


It usually doesn’t last more that 5 minutes. I would let it go for about 30 minutes to an hour if you can. If it’s still not done by then it’s not doing anything. @eptak is there an install log to check if it fails?