Support wemos D1 mini


In file included from D:\users\ota.lunak.kostka\Documents\libraries\Cayenne-Arduino-Library-master/CayenneWiFi.h:27:0,
from ChytraZahrada.001.cayenne.ino.ino:2:
D:\users\ota.lunak.kostka\Documents\libraries\Cayenne-Arduino-Library-master/BlynkSimpleWiFi.h:22:18: fatal error: WiFi.h: No such file or directory
#include <WiFi.h>
compilation terminated.



What wifi shield are you using?



Wemos D1 mini (working with blynk with no problems).


Got it.

So we only officially support a set amount of shields right now on the Arduino. Check it out here

Wemos D1 mini is based on ESP module and we haven’t ‘officially’ released support for Cayenne and ESP8266 modules. Although I can tell you I’ve gotten stand alone (not being used as a WiFi shield for Arduino) ESP8266 working in Cayenne just fine.

If you follow @kreggly guide to how he set it up you should be good to go:

I’ve not tested Wemos D1 yet, so maybe you can provide some valuable feedback :slight_smile: Keep us updated.



Thanks for the info, I will test it :slight_smile:

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I just bought Wemos device to test in-office for when we release official ESP support too.



Trying to find time to add send and sleep functionality with a DHT11 sensor. This would allow battery or buffered solar operation.

Also want to research if there is wake up on change or similar functionality. Otherwise I’ll need external circuitry to trigger a reset or EN pulse.

I’ve worked on a similar cloud based IoT project for a large multinational, and as I advised before, the key to adoption is to have solutions that don’t rely on $1000 hardware packages. With Arduino and RPi integration, MyDevices has that. The second part of a winning strategy, IMHO, is to have a store with solutions. An open marketplace with some rudimentary QA would be even better, justify a bigger cut for hosting it, and maintain a quality standard.



Whats the verdict on WeMos D1 Mini support with MyDevices as I am planning to do a prototype with multiple boards so that I can do device management for OTA & some delegated control to Users.




If you look at the schematic, you will see that it is just an ESP-12F module with a usb to serial converter on board for programming/communication.

So the short answer to your question is, yes, it is supported, but unofficially.

See the HowTo above for how to get the ESP working with the Arduino IDE and Cayenne.



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Thanks for responding. I tried connecting with my WeMos D1 Mini ( as Arduino Uno with WIFI Shield but could not connect it to Cayenne. I changed port & baud rate in sketch along with my WIFI details and selected WeMos as board in Arudino IDE but still don’t see board connected. It is still saying “Waiting for board to connect…”. Any advice on how to connect ?



Scroll up to the HowTo thead and all your prayers will be answered.


Mine started working after resetting board and flashing sketch again. Thanks guys.


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