Switch project to another router

I try to switch my project who is connected by wifi with my wired router to a wifi router (hotspot).In my sketch I changed SSID and password, but I cannot access my project with this wifi router. Do I have to change something else ? ( MQTT Username, MQTT password, Client ID)

many thanks

Maybe I was not clear.
I have a esp running to controle the gate.
Actually the esp is connect by WiFi with my home router.
I want to replace this router with an android phone working as hotspot.
In the esp sketch I changed SSID and the password to these of the hotspot, but this way the esp cannot connect to the Cayenne cloud.
How can I solve this ?

i guess this wont as your android is already connected to another wifi. Try using the android mobile internet service and then use its hotspot.

thanks for your answer.
The phone has only connection with the internet by 4G. and the hotspot function is activated.

Gone try it again.

The esp (Wemos D1) is connected with the phone working as hotspot, but when I open Cayenne with another device ( PC of other smartphone) I receive the message offline

If your esp is connected properly to the internet then no matter which device you use to view cayenne, the device will always show online. Check the serial monitor if you are getting any disconnect message.

It’s running. Thanks

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