Switch short on/ff -> push-button

It’s possible to can add a switch which don’t just switch on/off.

I need a trigger, push-button, to can open/close my garage. Currently I have a small shell command.

system($gpio.' 23 low && sleep 0.3 && '.$gpio.' 23 high');

It would be nice to have this also in the interface. The sleep time should be also configurable.


Like a ‘One Shot’ ?

How about a suitable network delay ‘time constant’ feeding back to each other on 2 adjacent spare GPIO pins wired together so it sort of chases it’s own tail like a Flip Flop ?

When adjacent pins are Hi/Lo opposed in one direction for x seconds it could turn on a good old transistor (BC337 / 800mA drives most relays ) Or even an Opto / Solid state relay to be kinder to the Pi. This would rely on the loop time of Cayenne

A single GPIO pin going high could activate a relay or charge via an Opto device for a few 100’s of mS just when the single pin is made 'Hi’as a Capacitor charges via a Resistor and then self turns off (safely) once Cap is charged rather than above relying on a 100% reliable network and software.

Or some CxR time constant Monostable between 2 pins at least… May work using the Pi input pins with an inverted logic. May try this some time

However I too am hanging out for something like a python sand box.

How about…
Enable some cross pollination between Cayenne and the WebIOPi system engine room ? This is already well documented and organised with good wiki, tutorials already.

There is a lot more in there and some great functionality that could be wired across to Cayenne. E.g. have a few digital states and variables that can be Got / Put or otherwise linked as internal variables to the dashboard to and from WebIOPi.

~ Andrew

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Yes! We are working on a ‘timer widget’ where you can configure the amount of time that an actuator stays on / off.

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any updates about this “pressure” switch… I have a lot of actuators that only require half a second to actuate. I would love push buttons…

Unfortunately, no update. We’ve been devoting resources to getting the Scheduling feature out the door and now we’ve moved to Arduino integration.


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Putting enough connectivity into a python 'sand box would be so nice… This way we could start to pull in external / virtual variables and really mash stuff up.
Look forward to the talk…
~ Andrew

I’m using Cayenne (RPi3) for my home automation, in order to replace my current PLC system that controls it (no mobile app available). Not all the features are there yet in Cayenne, to fully replace the PLC’s.

I was wondering, in addition to this push-button request, if it is also possible to implement an output (light) trigger based on the push-button. Everywhere in my house I make use of push-buttons in order to control my lights on/off.

To be clear:
push on the button → output (light) on, in case the output was low (light off) at the moment of pushing
push on the button → output (light) off, in case the output was high (light on) at the moment of pushing

So a trigger that is based on a button press and output is the opposite of the current pin state? That should be pretty easy to make and seems logical to have.

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Indeed! Maybe combined with a nice push-button widget would be great! Now there is only a two state widget available :slight_smile:

Suggest “Radio Button” style too ?
~ Andrew