Tasmota with Cayenne problem

Hi all, I am trying to connect my tasmota 8.1 with Cayenne.
Sometimes showing that mqtt state is online (this message is repeating every second) and after some seconds is retrying to connect to Cayenne with error code rc5. After that is trying to reconnect but it’s like that Cayenne is blocking the reconnection. Anyone familiar with that?

how are connecting it, can you provide more info on it.

As you can see 08:20:09 is attempting to connect every second to cayenne (at this period the tasmota label inside cayenne is blinking that receives data) and after some retries as you can see at 08:19:25) is failed. Its something like blocking from the side of cayenne

but where are you getting those topic from? have a look at Cayenne Docs

Could you please give me an example ? after that i will try on my own

for example: v1/ username /things/ clientID/data/ channel where you need to add your username and client id.

ok understand that. but where do you put this code? in the console of tasmota?

yes, you have option called topic? you can add the topic in it.