The Things Network - odd data in Cayenne Dashboard



I have a microchip lora mote, successfully transmitting payloads to a TTN gateway (which I have set up). The TTN end of things looks Ok to me. The mote collects luminosity and temperature. Here is what the mote LCD shows …

This is what appears at the TTN Gateway

This is what is on the Cayenne dashboard …

I see a lumonisty of 107 and temp of 29 being transmitted and received (encoded as 31 30 37 20 30 32 39 00) - so not at all sure what is ending up in the dashboard !

DevEUI is 0004A30B00197747
Cayenne Username is

Any ideas ?




Hi @pat.molloy, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I want you to know that we saw this and haven’t forgotten you, I just need to get ahold of our LoRa expert for some questions about the decoder before I can properly respond here. If I can’t grab him today, I should have a chance tomorrow during the US workday.


Ok! Found him quicker than I expected. :grinning:

Long story short, you helped us find a bug in our decoder for this device. We’ve already corrected it on our production site, and now see the data that matches what you were expecting:

        "channel": 0,
        "type": "lum",
        "unit": "lux",
        "value": 107,
        "name": "Luminosity"
        "channel": 1,
        "type": "temp",
        "unit": "c",
        "value": 29,
        "name": "Temperature"

So I humbly ask if you could try again, and see if you’re now seeing expected values in your Cayenne Dashboard.


What can I say. Genius !!

It works a treat now …

Frankly, it is nothing short of miraculous that this all works with so little pain … good job :slight_smile:

Thanks a million for super support !



Thanks for the nice words, you know where to find us if you have another question or issue :slight_smile:

Best of luck with the project you’re building!


Glad @croczey got you up and running…If you have some time, we’d love to see your project in our ‘Projects Made with Cayenne’ category. We’re starting to see LoRa projects being posted :slight_smile: