Tutorial: Microchip Lora Mote and The Things Network Cayenne integration


The Microchip LoRa Mote is a battery powered demonstration/develop board populated with a 868 or 915 Mhz LoRa module.
It has a micro USB connector for ASCII command communication between the pc and the LoRa module or you can use a PIC programmer to program the on board PIC18LF45K50 MCU. There are 2 versions of this Mote, one with Oled and one with LCD display (This tutorial works for the LCD version)
With this Mote you can send light and temperature to a LoRaWan network like The Things Network (TTN).

Microchip LoRa Mote, Lcd version

In this tutorial I will show you how to visualize the received data from TTN in Cayenne.
I assume that the Mote is working correct; that means, there is a TTN account, you made an Application and the device is correctly registered so, the data is already visible in the TTN Console.
Of course you already have a Cayenne user account.

• Open the Cayenne dashboard and click “Add new” > Device/Widget

• Click LoRa (Beta) > The Things Network

• Scroll down and click the arrow button

• Enter the Device name and the DevEUI (TTN Console > Applications > > manage devices > > Device overview > Device EUI)
• Click the “Add device” button

• Select and copy your Process ID from the browser address and…

• Open the TTN Console and click: (TTN Console > Applications > Integrations + add integration

• Click Cayenne

• Copy your Cayenne Process ID and click: “Acces Key” > “Default Key” > “ Add Integration”
• Your Integration Overview should show “Status Running”

This part is ready and all you have to do now is:
• Go back to the Cayenne Dashboard
• Take the Microchip LoRa Mote and send some data
• See the magic happens in Cayenne :wink:

• No coding or decoding, it all happens in the background. When data comes available, Temperature and Luminosity widgets are automatically created.
Thanks for reading, and by the way, I made a simple 3D printed enclosure for the Microchip LoRa Mote:

Microchip LoRa Mote enclosure



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Hi Marco,

do you have any pointers on how do do the pre-requisite step:


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Hi Gregor,


Check if there is a TTN gateway in the neighborhood

Create a TTN account

Enter your Console

Before you can communicate with devices, you will need to add the application to the network and register devices to it.
Add the application

Before a device can communicate via The Things Network you need to register it with an application.
Register your device (the Mote:-)

Send data and check if the data is received in the Console > Application(s) > Data

If everything works fine you can follow the steps for Cayenne integration.

And for more info
RTFM (Read The Friendly Manuals;-)

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Thanks @marco_rudolph. Let us know if you run into any issues @gregor.wolf , and we’d love to see what you end up making!




Hi Marco,

thank you for the links. I already have a TTN Account and run my own one channel gateway with the Dragino Shield for Raspberry. I have a Dragino Arduino Node sending data in this setup. I’ve got the Microchip Lora Mote in February 2016 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But I struggle how I get the Mote setup for TTN. Or will it simply just work via OTAA which my local setup does not yet support or? Then I have to wait for my next time in Munich :-).

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Hi @gregor.wolf,

I know on Loriot, the free account only supports 1 gateway and requires a commercial account to use OTAA. I wonder if TTN is the same?