Timed events, easier via Arduino?

Im trying to set up a green house controller. I have a RPI3 and also Arduino Uno. I was able to quickly make up scheduled events for relays turning on and off lights. However if there is a power outage or RPI reset, the lights stay off until the next scheduled event. Also, seems the scheduler is not very reliable and there are lots of problems with it.

I was thinking to use a real time clock wired to my Arduino and code it to have relay on if the current time is between X and Z, also relay should be off if current time is outside X and Z.

I have a DHT22 wired to an Arduino, and would like to control fans/humidifiers depending on DHT22 measurements.

Is there a way to have the RPI to turn lights back on after a power outage? If not, can I have an input on Cayenne that will set a default on the Arduino? This way I can adjust lighting hours or humidity levels without uploading a new sketch

Last State is developed right now by the Cayenne team and it will be available in the future.

You can try this trigger option, when raspberry goes online:

Also you can make a PYTHON file that @reset can make something :slight_smile: