How to set up events with Arduino and Cayenne?

Hello there! I have an arduino UNO connected via serial usb with Cayenne. So far, my three sensors are working very well. I can plot graphs on Cayenne and get the info I want directly on my cellphone.

Triggers are working fine, but I can´t set any event. As shown in the file attached, “Cayenne” does not allow me to create events. What´s the bug about?

Thanks for now!

Hi @gprestes, welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Do you have any actuator widgets associated with that Arduino?

It’s hard to tell in the screenshot, but a temperature or light sensor doesn’t have any schedule-able action associated so that’s why you’re seeing those items greyed out. I see you have some sort of a Generic widget, it is a sensor or actuator (input or output) type?

Hi @gprestes,

So as @rsiegel mentioned, events are reserved for actuators right now, basically turning something on or off at a certain time. However, we do have plans to allow for events not associated with actuators. I’m curious to know what events you were wanting to schedule for the sensors you had connected? I want to be sure Cayenne will meet these use cases.


Hello @rsiegel and @bestes. Thanks for your answers.
My three sensors are gas, light and temperature.
Ok, I got your point and why sensor does not have events.

Well, anyway, what I want is an event to save a data log (CSV file) in a specific period of time. For example, saving the last 24 measures every day, at 3 pm. Got it?

Thanks again, keep doing this incredible working!

Regards from Brazil!

Hi @gprestes,

@kwiek is also from Brazil. Perhaps you two can connect :slight_smile:


Olá @gprestes,

O unico problema que você possui é não conseguir agendar um evento, isso mesmo?

Vou tratar de lhe ajudar com isso, assim que tenha uma opinião postarei aqui para você.



Hello @gprestes,

The only problem you have is not being able to schedule an event, that’s right?

I’ll try to help you with this, once I have an opinion I’ll post it here for you.




Olá @kwiek
Legal encontrarmos mais brasileiros envolvidos neste projeto. Sou professor do curso técnico em informática do SENAC, e adoraria contribuir na disseminação do Cayenne em nosso país.
Bem, eu gostaria de gerar arquivos CSV em determinados períodos de tempo, sem minha intervenção, entende?
Vamos conversando.

Hello @kwiek
Nice find brazillian people involved in this project. I am a teacher here in Brazil, and I´d love to contribute spreading knowledge in our country.
Well, I would like to generate CSV files in specific periods of time, automatically, got it?
Let´s keep talking,

Hello @ gprestes,

That’s great, it’s true, it’s always good to meet people of the same nationality.

Yes, I understand perfectly, a database practically, but wait here things are being implemented quickly and it will not take long to have this option, I will try to take your need to the group, let’s talk.


Olá @gprestes,

Que ótimo, é verdade sempre é bom econtrar conterrâneos.

Sim eu entendo perfeitamente, mas aguarde que aqui as coisas estão sendo implementadas rapidamente e não vai demorar para ter essa opção, vou tratar de levar sua necessidade para o grupo, vamos nos falando.