Tracking GPS release date?

Hi team,

Do you have a tentative date for the map widget?

Thanks in advance and very happy 2017

Hi @israelmx,

Sorry that this did not get a quicker response. I don’t have a date for the map widget just yet. We are doing all of the ‘Coming Soon’ widgets in batches, and for January 2017 I expect the following widgets to come online:

  • Meter
  • Open / Close
  • Motion
  • CO2 Detector
  • Status
  • 2 State with Emoji and Text

I’ll have a better idea of whats coming next after that batch is released.

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I already see the Map and asset tracking in my projects

I should have been more clear. The Map widget is already available for LoRa devices that have a GPS. The part I was speaking to yesterday was its availability as a custom widget for Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects.

Hi Rsiegel,

So great, nice features for the new release, I will wait for the GPS, that will blow my mind :smiley:

Can you make “Map widget for LoRa devices that have a GPS” available for other devices? such as micro controllers. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey @JOHNZHEL, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Thank you for the feedback and your request. It is coming for other GPS enabled devices in the future, requires some more work on our end to do so.

Looking forward to any type of BYOD Lat Lon / GPS widget or method. I am already bringing in GPS streaming + variable data via python / serial port. Bare Bones LoRa radio blobs now allow multi km ranges. I find this lots of fun. For GIS (Global Information Systems) climate etc type projects would seem a great pathway ?
~ Andrew

for arduino device you can send it using Cayenne.virtualWrite(0, buffer1, "gps", "m"); where the buffer1 is [lat, lon, alt]

Thanks. I will try and translate this to my present python approach.
At present I am treating every data stream as a simple Analogue per Lat / Lon / Elev / Variable etc

Having all data arrive with same date-time stamp (?) would be handy with the next part of the project GIS OSMaps / JOSM Mapping real time Interface.

Here is photo of present hardware. The Pi0w ‘almost’ matches the LoRa bare radio pin for pin. :slight_smile:

~ A

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if Lora then send GPS data in cayenne lpp format Cayenne Docs


I’m getting an error trying to send gps coordinates.

mkrwan_03_gps_tracker:240:40: error: expected ‘{’ before ‘,’ token

Any idea?


you may be missing {} somewhere.

Yes, but where? The code I use if from the doc (lat, lng and alt are float variables)


Is it not right?


full code might help a bit more.

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