Use map view with own device


How can I transfer the geo-position of my own device to the platform so that it is displayed on the map in the project tab.


Hi @rau and welcome to the Cayenne community.

I believe that map is currently limited to LoRa devices with a GPS and not available for MQTT API devices just yet, but I’m tagging @bestes here to confirm.


Hi @rsiegel

I’ve found that the map widget can be used when I publish gps,gps=? to cayenne. Can you please tell me in which format the geoposition (?) must be specified.

It would be very helpful if the documentation under Supported Data Types would contain a description of the value format for each data type.


Hi @rsiegel,

can you please provide us the data format for the map-widget. The number of views for this topic shows that there is a greater interest.


Map widget is only enabled for LoRa devices right now. We are working on enabling it for all other devices, hang in there! I will update you when map widget functionality is pushed out and you can use with MQTT :slight_smile:


Has this happened yet? This is pretty useful functionality, and I’m itching to use it.