Trigger does not work with temperature


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we are looking into the issue.


I try setup send alert if value above 65 with the threshold 1. But Cayenne send device notification every many time if sensor value high than 66 such as 67,68,…etc as the same email messages



have a look at this topic Sending MQTT messages within notification limit


Hi - I am having a few issues with getting my temperature device to run alerts properly also. What I am trying to achieve is if the temp goes above a certain level it sends a single alert saying that the level has been reached, and then when it goes back down it says it has reset itself to normal status. I have looked at the link with sending MQTT messages within notification limit and havent had much success. I am quite new to this, so would appreciate some assistance with my code to see where I have stuffed it up :slight_smile:


you can have to separate function which sends the value to the two-state widget only once when it has crossed the upper limit and when it has crossed the lower limit.


How do I get it to send the two limits from the mydevices interface so that they can be modified through the cayenne interface?


there is no straight forward way to this unless you add the slider to dashboard and get its value on the device and set it as threshold.


ok - are there any code examples on how to do this, as this would likely be the approach I would like to take but have no idea on how I might accomplish this. Thanks for your help so far.


in the code you need to change the following:


THRESHOLD = getValue.asInt();

next add a slider with channel 2. this will act the value selector.
though you will have to save this value in the eeprom so that in case the arduino restart the value is not lost.