Temperature False Triggers

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Temperature displays properly in Web & Android Dashboards, for example, 86F. I have a trigger see to notify at 89F but I start getting emails that Channel 1(Temp) has reached the threshold when it has not actually gone that high.

can you PM me your cayenne email id so i can have a look at the account.

there are some changes needed:

  1. You have not added any data and unit type. Data types for Cayenne MQTT API
    Delete all the widgets from the dashboard (this will delete all history). Next, when you do the changes and upload the code, new temporary widgets will be populated on the dashboard. Add them by clicking on + of the widget. Now add a new trigger for these widgets.

  2. Also, Sending MQTT messages within notification limit

  3. It looks like the temperature has gone above 89

Thank you!

Working now using:

Cayenne.virtualWrite(0, temp, TYPE_TEMPERATURE, UNIT_FAHRENHEIT);
Cayenne.virtualWrite(1, hum, TYPE_RELATIVE_HUMIDITY, UNIT_PERCENT);