Trigger is not working


Hi @jeandeson2 @wmontg5988, @bosstax,

We are aware of the issues with the Triggers. It seems like maybe it’s related to our SMS & Email providers that maybe flagging them as spam. We are working hard to get this resolved ASAP.

Please hang in there.





Thank`s. But in addition not working trigger: digital input - relay


thanks for all the help so far. I created a new cayenne account did a complete new installation on new SD card and my triggers is not firing at all.
in GPIO view I can see the pin state update but the trigger does not run. (Hardware: Pi 3 Model B)
if I go to my triggers page in cayenne it shows that the trigger ran 0 times.

am I correct if I assume that the trigger does not trigger?
and does this rule out that the service providers blocking the SMS and e-mail?

thank you for a great app it


Have you test “Scheduling” and “actuator widget” . Does them working ?


Hi SuperNinja.
just tested scheduling, it works fine and i receive my sms .

i desperately need to get my triggered sms working.
anything else i can do?
best regards


Happy to hear some of parts working for you.
At this time you couldn’t made something , this issue is reported to the Team working on it, and we only have to wait for update.

Thanks for your patience.


Thank you.
Appreciate the help.


Trigger is already working. Thank you very much Cayenne1


triggers not working with me either
i tried to reinstall the whole system and make a new account
and still the problem when i set a trigger no action at all
but scheduling is working
any one can solve this please?


there is a bug with trigger and will be fixed soon.


After doing the last update and re-installing my raspberry pi my trigger is working.
thanks to everyone involved.
my trigger just keep running while the gpio pin is on.
it does not run only once, is this still a bug ?
Or do i have to do something differently.


yes. team is working on this. will let you know once it is done.


Does anybody know it the trigger issues has been resolved yet?


@naude we are working on this and will update you once we have a solution.