Trigger logs not updating

Hardware/Software: Arduino Uno via serial ESP8266-01, Web dashboard

When going in and viewing the logs/records of when the trigger occurs its only showing a handful of days from weeks ago. However the “Ran XXX times” is updating correctly it seems. Another trigger of mine that I know hasn’t run for over a week is reporting last run today. Is this a known issue or something on my end?

This is a known issue where only the first 10 occurrences of the trigger are displaying. While we might decide to limit the display to a smaller number of occurrences (so you don’t have 943 entries in that list), it should be the most recent ones, and there should be a way to download the whole list so you can have complete data if it is desired.

Nope. Wanted to just make sure it was running. Wanted to let you know it was a issue. Thanks

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