Triggers Not being accepted in Chrome, but work via iOS

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Am using the Raspberry 3, freshly loaded with newest NOOBS software. Dashboard will not allow me to drag and drop widgets into the ‘If’ box when accessing it via Chrome browser. However when I access it on my iPhone I can add triggers, and they will then show up on my browser dashboard. I prefer to do the programming with the browser though.

Hi @robertmenard63

Try dragging the parent device (the Raspberry Pi) that the sensor/actuator widgets you want to automate are associated with into the IF box. That should then display a menu where you can select the sub-items of that Pi that are available to automate.

This is something we’d like to improve in the future (make the sub-items directly draggable to the If box) since it’s a bit of an unnecessary step.

That worked! Thank you.


Glad to hear it!