TSL2561, BMP180, DS18B20 on a Zero


Wired up these guys tonight for a test run on a project that I hope to put in place soon. Already had Cayenne on the Zero so I just wired everything up and let 'er rip. The 18B20 auto detected appropriately and the TSL2561 and BMP180 installed in a couple of clicks. Cayenne really makes getting things up and running very easy.


Aquarium temperature monitor

Very nice! Especially impressive with the Zero.


Well done!


Nice organized!


@cedarp11 Thanks! And welcome to the group!

@tdeleanu Thanks Teo!


FabLab Project - Are the Fish Biting?

DS18B20 looking after fish tank temperature, and the BMP180 looking after the temperature and pressure in the living room, and the TSL2561 checking on the light situation.



Looks like a tough week for aquarium projects :frowning2:.
The Zero on my fish tank that has been reporting to Cayenne since mid February won’t boot any longer. It being thunder storm season in these parts I’m sure contributed to the corruption of the OS. I’m re-imaging the SD card now, just bummed that the project will be starting from scratch.



If you reinstall with the same installer ID it should automagically import all your settings (that is if you still have it/remember it)


No such luck. I might start saving them now…



This is interesting, first time I’ve seen it come up. Ideally there would be a way to get all the data from the dashboard if this happens. Is that the reason you’re bummed? Of because you have to go through the setup process again?



Disappointed the the nice long run was broken, for no other reason than having the ability of trending the project over the long term. I haven’t removed anything yet. So if it’s possible to pick up where I let off, that would be cool.



ummm, ok, well that was interesting

After formatting a new SD card and re-imaging it with the latest version of Jessie and then doing a fresh install of Cayenne (edit: using a new set of install commands) low and behold all my sensors (DS18B20, BMP180, TSL2561) loaded themselves and named themselves the names they previously had prior to the OS becoming corrupt. And the dashboard was all set up, and all the data seemed to be available. As seen below-

And then-
I go back some time later and the BMP and TSL are no longer there :disappointed_relieved: , as seen below.

So I was very surprised to see the old information populate without any interaction on my part, made me think the Cayenne servers look at the hardware serial number as opposed to anything that is on the SD card. But when the non-auto discover sensors went away again its like the mother ship decided “oh wait, this is almost the same but not quite”.

Sure glad I got the first screen grab when I did.



Just read that close. lol


what is the code for monitoring temperature