DS18B20 up and running!

Only took me a couple minutes to get things up and running. I’m very much looking forward to the Android version of the app, and other sensors like DHT11/22 and BH1750. I’m going to work on getting the additional sensors added and then moving them all outside.

Very cool!

BTW, check out this post, @ats1080s and @picaxe connected multiple DS18B20 sensors (all were auto discovered)!

Do you think you can take pictures and document your project as you move them outside? We will be adding a projects section to our website soon (https://www.cayenne-mydevices.com/) and want to feature projects made with Cayenne, such as the one you are doing.


I will certainly keep documenting my progress in mind for future posts. I would have waited to do this post, but this poor category looked so lonely with nothing in it.


lol Yeah…we need to get this category poppin with projects!