Unable control an output with a temp sensor but also in a time schedule

I want to control an output via a temperature sensor, but within a time schedule…eg 6 am to 10 pm daily. Is this possible. it either works with a temp sensor or the timed schedule but not together. does anyone have any suggestions.

Hello Sir,
I did not understand what exactly you want to do, so sorry for that. Can you explain a little more?

I want to control my hot tub heating pump with a temperature sensor. But i dont want it running over night. I can control the pump with the temperature sensor but been unable to control it within an on off schedule. Many thanks

Oh so you want to run together the temp sensor and the time together, because now you can only turn the hot tube for a some time or to a specific temperature? And you want to run both logic in cayenne? Is it right?

Yes that’s correct.:grinning:

As far as I know it’s not possible right now. @rsiegel I think this would be a great feature to add to the trigger update.

If it could be done, then you would have a heating controller. It would come in handy for home automation projects. I’m currently using a Rpi to control hot tub pumps and garden lighting. I just can’t turn off the hot tub heating over night as it is being controlled by the temp sensor.

What about to write your own logic and only monitor the state in Cayenne?

ive never attempted to write logic. im good on the hardware but wouldnt know where to start with software.

What kind of platform you use? :slight_smile:

I’m using Rpi 2

Okey, a good place to start is to read the section for adding custom widgets: Cayenne Docs

I think that you can read the section and figure it out some major questions. Then here in the community we can help you with writing the code, or give you some advises and etc.

For your purpose, you have to write a python file that reads the time ( I actually for me will use a real time shield, if this will turn some appliance!). Also you have to add your sensor in the file and read the measurements. Further logic is not so hard after that. Then you can send the data and monitor it in Cayenne.

What temp sensor you use? :slight_smile:

I’m using a Ds18b20.temp sensor.
But I’ve come up with an idea today. ive set up an output and set it up as event to turn at 7am and turn off at 10.30 pm. The output turns on a relay which sends power to the hot tub heater relay. So for the Hester to work the time event needs to be on and the temp sensor needs to be " calling" for heat. It needs both out puts on to work. Like I said , I’m no good with software…but the hardware is no problem at all. :+1:


I was just going to suggest this. Should work great.



You’ve come up with an extremely good idea mickM48 , you are certainly good with hardware :joy::+1:

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