Unable to create device. Urgent!


Hi everyone i would like to ask that why my created device by using API were all gone and i tried to create new device to get new MQTT username and password but it failed. Just happened today. Im using NodeJS.


Hi @jeekzz0508,

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve seen this before. Can you post a screen shot of what’s happening so I can have better understanding? Do you get an error?

Thank you!



Thx for your response, i really enjoy using cayenne for my final year project.
The problem is the device i created by using api was gone suddenly, so that i try to create again to obtain mqtt username and password with the button bring my own things but it load awhile and pop up a red sentence could not create a things on top of the page. I need it for presentation tomorrow but just now i tested it was failed.
Currently My mac is not around me mayb later will post the screenshot when im back. It happened in the browser.



Hi @jeekzz0508,

Can you please try again? You may need to refresh the page.