Unable to retrieve data from sensors

Hello, i am currently following this guide: Tiny Weather Station Tutorial to upload temperature data onto cayenne. I am able to connect to cayenne with the board but when i created a custom widget for the dashboard, it does not receive data from the temperature sensor.
Below are a snippet of what i’ve done

Do you have any errors in the serial monitor?

Also, if you replace bme.readTemperature() with 1 does that show up?

Hello, thank you for taking the time to help me out!

There were no errors inside the serial monitor, it just mentions that BME detected, WiFi is connected.
Replacing the bme.readTemperature() with 1 did not result in any change.
I notice that the board goes online for about 5 minutes before going offline again as well if it serves as any indicator.

Add #define CAYENNE_DEBUG in the codec and share the serial monitor output when the device goes offline with the

Adding #define CAYENNE_DEBUG did not result in any changes in serial monitor, does this result have any siginficance?

it should output the connexction debug in the serial monitor. You can keep the serial monitor open and press the reboot button on the hardware board