Universal PCB board with ESP8266

About This Project

I do simply project for watering my garden. It take control of two garden and water source (rain tank)
I made one board only for all system, so this board is universal and can be use also for other project. It can be attached one analog sensor (take care, that ESP work with 0-1V range. This is reason for R1, R2 divider. At this schematic is calculated for Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor V1.2)
There is also possible to attach two DS18b20 sensor (I use one for air and other for soil temperature) and 2. transistor output. If you need more, there is also 3. I/O available on J9 connector.

What’s Connected

At tank I have only one temperature sensor for water and industrial ultrasonic distance meter for water level.
At both garden I use soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor and one and two relay for watering.

Triggers & Alerts

I use alarm, to let me know when tank level is low. Because this water I also use in my house also stop watering. Also when soil is to wet (rain) don’t water this day. It is also possibility to set manual watering for each part of garden (2. relay per garden)


I set watering every morning. If soil is too wet of course cancel this command.

Dashboard Screenshots

Work in prograss :slight_smile:

Photos of the Project

I’d like to share gerber files, but I don’t know how to upload it.




Link for gerber files

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Thanks for sharing it the community.

You can add it to the google drive and share the link here.


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Upgrading project :slight_smile:
Now I finish sensor who measure water level in tank and watering system for 1. garden

System is made from component which remain from old projects. Well except ESP board and soil moisture sensor and valve.