Use ESP8266 with MicroPython and show sensor values with Cayenne


About This Project

In the first place created this project to learn more about an ESP and MicroPython. To have an actual useful project i decided to measure the soil moist of my living room plant as well as the temperature and the humidity.
An other reason why i decided to measure these parameters is to learn as much as possible.
There are several aspects represented in this project.

  1. ESP8266
  2. I2C (Temp/Hum Sensor)
  3. Analog (Soil moist Senosr)
  4. MQTT (Cayenne)
  5. MicroPython
  6. Did i miss something?


If this project hits actual interest i will describe everything better.

What’s Connected

I used following Hardware:

  • NodeMCU-0.9 with ESP8266
  • HTU21D for temp and hum measurment
  • YL-69 for soil measurment
  • some LEDs for statusinformations

Fritzing Pic will follow


Code is available on GITHUB. I think its to much to just post it here…

Triggers & Alerts

for now there are no Triggers or Alerts


for now there is no Scheduling

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project



Become better in English!
There are so many things i want to integrate :open_mouth:

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welcome to cayenne community @Mukuh. Thanks for sharing this awesome project and a new way to connect the esp to cayenne. will be great if you create a detailed tutorial so other users who are looking for a similar project can look at your topic for reference.


I will try to write a little Tutorial and exchange a few interesting Links with the Community!

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