Up Time

It would be nice to have some sort up network up time reporting/metric, possibly be able to trigger things based on how long it was down, etc.

I may have missed this, but how would you like us to format suggestions/feature requests, would you like them one suggestion per thread, or lump multiple different suggestions together? Also, if we agree with a suggestion, do you want us to chime in on the thread, or like it, or try to keep the thread to discussion only?

Great product BTW, keep up the good work.

Hi there!

So like if internet were to go down or something?

Well, there is no set format…but come to think of it, would probably be a good idea to put a template in place. The template would have some of the common things that would help the Cayenne team implement the suggestion, such as a use case. I’ll keep thinking about this.

But you can lump them or create separate. What I do is create a specific card/task for each suggestion and schedule it in our product backlog to be worked on.

Chiming in definitely helps, because it allows me to gauge the community interest. A perfect example is putting Celsius units into the temperature widgets. Many people from the community chimed in on that.

See you around,


I think it would also be helpful to help troubleshoot any wifi/networking issues some of us have with our pis.