GPS Payload format


I want to send my a geolocation to Cayenne in GPS format using MQTT.

lat = 51.926006
lon = 4.483790

The payload I tried is incorrect:

Could someone point me in the right direction ?


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Hi @rfrenay and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I believe the format you’re looking for is

although we’re having some server trouble at the moment, so I reserve the right to update this post later when I’ve had a chance to test :slight_smile:


Hi @rsiegel ,

You solution works!!! Thanks a lot!



I’m bumping this thread as well with the same information I put in the thread about non-LoRa GPS history retention:

In short, the GPS map widget should not have been available through the MQTT API despite it being listed in our documentation as an accepted data type (and our sorting our the correct format with which to send GPS data). It was designed for LoRa devices and needs further development to work properly with non-LoRa devices like those connected via MQTT.

We’re going to hide it from our documentation until such time as it is fully developed and tested. Until that time, you can probably still create a GPS widget by publishing gps,m=[lat,long,alt] type to Cayenne, but I wouldn’t expect it to work/retain data.

Does this work now? I’m finding that it seems not to work correctly. It does pop up a map widget, but doesn’t plot the position. Has the data format change or is it just broken?

It doesn’t at this time unfortunately. As you’ve found – the map widget is accessible if you publish the right data through the API, but it doesn’t actually retain data properly for non-LoRa devices at this time.

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This would be soo nice…
~ Andrew

The gps,gps=lat,long currently will plot the Position On Map Widget…
Is there a way to do this using JSON Packet Format?


is it a lora device?

No, Its just a GSM Module Sending GPS Coordinates to the Cayenne…
But Currently I am Testing it with MQTT.fx …