Use Mqtt protocol with Wireless sensors through Cayenne platform


We have been working in Tractor Firm in department of Light machine shop where assemblies has been made with alot of CNC machines with in 120 yards.
We are trying to monitor the data with Wireless Sensors which is communicating with WPAN modules and get interface with Raspberry Pi zero but when we want to use some maintenance measure in which we have defined the values in such a way that whenever there will be vibration of machine increased or decreased from defined state it set the alarm but we want to use Mqtt protocol of cayenne platform and by creating the triggering condition (which comapres the value with mentioned condition) for alert notification to employee smartphones, But still not able to find any of triggered solution using with MQTT protocol.
Any valuable help will be much appreciated.


welcome to the cayenne community @derbon43. this seems pretty interesting project. so to get started with MQTT on raspberry pi have a look at this
this should get your pi connected to cayenne. then you can send the sensor value to cayenne and use trigger to send SMS notification.