Display Serial data of Wireless Vibration Sensor through cayennne platform

Hello after learning the process of displaying sensor data of DHT11 in Cayenne, I have been thinking to communicate the Wireless Vibration sensor which we are using with Machinery system.
But I need to know how the receiver of this module will able to send the data serially to cayenne?
I am connecting the specially designed receiver with raspberry pi via USB connection. I need to display the readings of this sensor in Cayenne. I have worked only with AT commands as mentioned in product manual any best suggestions to make it work with cayenne will be helpful.

Are you able to read the sensor data on your raspberry pi?

Hey, till now I am able to read the sensor data in raspberry pi but further sending it to the cayenne platform is something also using this platform is it possible to send notification on smart phone?

you can use cayenne MQTT python library GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API to send the data to cayenne and then use trigger feature to send SMS notification to your smart phone.

I use serial into python over ttyAMA0 on the GPIO (or any USB<>Serial converter) and MQTT up to Cayenne for nearly all my projects. This opens up heaps of possibility with BT serial devices / HC-12 etc. Being able to remote in direct wirelessly from sensors makes life soo easy :slight_smile:

~ Andrew

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