Using Cayenne for monitoring a python program

I’ve written a python program running on my Pi3, it monitors several inputs (sensors), controls relays…does everything I need it to do. Its perhaps a bit more complex than the simple drag n drop applications that the native Cayenne provides. At present, it sends an SMS message to me for status, info, alerts, etc. But a webpage would be nice, so as I was exploring that I came across this. One serious problem will be using my ancient iPad (version 1…really old but works fine as a browser) probably will not run the iOS application. My android might, but…its a phone more than a social media device. So the real question I am asking is can Cayenne be used in parallel with the python program thats running? Can I maintain a status page of the sensors and relay outputs, or does it want total control over everything? Or will this new API be the solution? Does the API live on the device? What I really need is a webserver running on the Pi, so no apps to use on the remote devices.

To answer that we would need to know which method you are connecting with. If you are using the agent, there are some things that may not work, such as accessing GPIO pins that are in use, but for the most part you should be able to do everything you asked there. If you are using the MQTT API, then the sky is the limit as you can code in whatever you want to do.