Webiopi and cayenne simultaneously

Hi everyone,
Not new to the rpi or controlling things but very new to a whole home automation suite like cayenne. I have a question I hope someone can answer.

I’m making a hot tub controller with an rpi3.
I want to be able to control the hot tub remotely as in tell it to heat up while I’m on my way home in the winter.
Only problem is I have a blackberry z10 from work as my only phone and the cayenne app won’t side load.

However, using weaved weaved app I can connect to webiopi service easily from my phone.

I guess my question is can I use cayenne for scheduling and control from tablet when home and webiopi just to check temp and motor/heater status and tell the hot tub to fire up without causing any problems between the two applications?

I’m hoping if one app switches the state of a gpio or triggers a relay both apps would behave as if a hardware switch was thrown?


Yes, you can- :slight_smile:
If you can display HTML,
Cayenne Dashboard is a .www HTML webpage.
Fill, drain, fill limit, temperature, bubbles, jets…
yup, all controllable.
Cayenne remotes receive instructions serially-
so, the last instruction given dictates the state.
I think there’s even a Cayenne controlled internet radio player now! :wink:
…listen to your favorite internet radio while soaking…

There can definitely be some issues combining the two, since cayenne uses a modified version of webiopi. If you search around you’ll find plenty of cases where someone had webiopi installed and installed Cayenne over top of it and broke the original webiopi install. I would recommend waiting for the MQTT API release (hopefully this week) and then find an app that will allow you to send MQTT messages.

Adam’s option is definitely the more clean solution here, but I’m curious, does the Cayenne web dashboard behave at all on that Blackberry device’s browser? Since we have the mobile apps I’m not sure that its all that well optimized for mobile, but maybe it will do in a pinch if you’re OK with panning around a bit.

Webiopi seemed to install with cayenne or is part of raspbian (i didn’t install it and I was using a fresh raspbian install).

All I need to be able to do is remotely is trigger the GPIO pin going to the relay that tells the contactor connected to the heater & low speed pump to bring the hot-tub to temp when i’m not home but will be home in an hr or so which is how long it takes to bring up the temp in the winter.

I can do that now with webipoi and the GPIO screen using Weaved and see the heater widget show as active in the cayenne dashboard.
The only thing I don’t know is will the trigger saying kill the heater when it reaches temp still work.

unfortunately I can’t use the web interface.
when I go to log into the web dashboard it tells me to go to google play to get the app.
I’d be fine with scrolling around as I really only need to hit one button.

Well,…there’s THAT… :frowning:
(I’ve been known to be wrong)
Blackberry is still out there?!

So this will depend entirely on your mobile browser (I’m not familiar with what your options are on Blackberry), but on both iOS Safari and Android Chrome, there are options to “Request Desktop Site” in the browser menu. I tried on Chrome and it loaded our desktop site with the full dashboard OK.

It’s not well tested on our end so there may be something off, but may allow you another option until that MQTT API is released.

I have the amazon app store.
Had google play but that is broke again on BB’s.

I think I tried every browser available on amazon with desktop mode and NADA.
I keep getting told to install the android app.

however, by the time i get this thing wired up hopefully MQTT will be implemented.
I’m guessing from what i’ve read I can create a simple webpage with a button telling the mqtt server to tell cayenne to trigger a widget or switch?

Like turn on the hot tub heater and it will automatically shut off when it hits the proper temp according to the rules.