Using Cayenne in my project


Hi guys! I have an old project that I finished, and I would like to add it to the contest. It is ready and does not need the indicated libraries. It’s just an automatic wireless GoTo laser. Can I add my project without using the libraries and software available?


Hi @jvitor-2005,

For project to be considered for the contest, it must use Cayenne in some capacity. It also must use an ESP8266. What is the purpose of your project?



Hi. Yes, I use esp8266 to make an wireless connection. The project is one Laser GoTo (search about Telescope GoTo). This can do many thing abount sidereal space, solar track system, and video streaming with telescope far way to show in school’s and etc.


Very cool. Send some data from the telescope to Cayenne and you’ve got yourself a contending winner project!



I will send a message.